Think about your next linux install-fest. Now you don't need to ask people to bring their desktop computer. Instead just ask them to bring a usb key. And a notebook if they really wish to see it work immediately.

It doesn't even have to be a geek event like linux install-fest. You can demonstrate this in 10 minutes to your non-technical audience. For example, next time when you give a FLOSS speech (even to non computer science students), please ask the event correspondent to ask the audience to bring their own usb keys. If you are lucky enough to have an assistant who is not too afraid of command line, s/he can help create a bootable key for every person while you give the talk. Then ask the audience to test this usb key on new computers they plan to buy. This will have at least two effects: (1) Make sure that the hardware supports linux well, including booting from usb. (2) Show the computer sales what is possible with linux. By the way please also distribute portable apps on the first partition.

That's what I will do anyway :-) That was the major motivation behind this work. Happy advocating.